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Radio Roasters - Ethiopian 'Dur Feres'

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Radio Roasters worked diligently with Catalyst Trade to bring you Dur Feres, a well-balanced cup with rich notes of blueberry puree and chocolate notes.  A blend of community lots that feature rich fruity sweetness with exceptional clarity, you will love to wake up to Dur Feres. Catalyst Trade sources from the families and communities where that produce the highest quality microlots Ethiopia has to offer. In addition to world class micro-lots, the Ethiopian buyer/exporter, understands the importance of buying a variety of coffees - spectacular and specialty alike - 

“Once the twenty-five bags of uber-special coffee have been sold, producers are often left with a hundred of bags—often hundreds of bags—of coffee they (producers) still have to find a market for. Profitability is often better for those top lots, but they don’t even begin to cover the cost of production for washing stations and farms. For that, producers look to their quality production in the 84-87 point range. Once the candy buyers have left, they still need to find buyers to ensure they can feed their families and keep the ball rolling with their operations”.

Radio Roasters pays $3.65/lb of green coffee to Catalyst Trade. 

REGION: Ethiopia
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETY: Heirloom
TASTING NOTES: Blueberry, chocolate chip, brandy
Certified Organic