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Los Santos roasted by 1000 Faces

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This Guatemalan delight is a mouthful. It’s a classically sweet and structured Guatemalan coffee. You can expect to find a balanced acidity, reminiscent of dried or cooked fruits, loads of chocolate-forward sweetness, and a heavy body to round out the experience. We’re tasting: apple butter, cherry, fig, pecan, hazelnut, praline, cinnamon roll, cane sugar, baking spice, dark chocolate.

A note from Ben, head roaster at 1000 Faces.

We purchase the majority of our Guatemalan coffees each season with the help of fourth generation coffee producer and leader in the Antigua coffee community, Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora (LPZZ), and the incredible team at Beneficio Bella Vista.  This marks our fifth consecutive year sourcing Guatemala coffee with Bella Vista.  Through visiting each season and investing in these relationships, we’ve been able to explore many of their offerings, steadily grow our volume, and focus on transparency throughout the supply chain. 

Bella Vista is both a wet and dry mill, so they purchase coffee in cherry and parchment form depending on the specific arrangement.  They handle depulping, fermentation, drying, milling, and export preparation.  In fact, LPZZ also runs the export company, Zelcafe, which directly handles all exporting of coffees going through Bella Vista.  And this is all in addition to their extensive outreach programs!  Spurring from LPZZ’s background in agronomy, and now featuring a seasoned team of agronomists, Bella Vista is actively involved in education on preventative plant health, tissue management, soil enrichment, and general best farming practices. 

Our primary relationship in this supply chain is with Beneficio Bella Vista, who we’re in communication with year round and directly discuss all things related to coffee quality, volume, and pricing. We also work closely with the importing company, Ally Coffee, who assists in the logistics of importing the coffees. Once we’ve made our selections each season, we describe to Ally the details of each lot, and they take over to work directly with Zelcafe on the export / import. 

Los Santos is a collection of indigenous smallholders in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala. The area is about a 2 hour drive northwest of Antigua, where Bella Vista is located. Because of the small farm sizes, coffee growers in this region historically sell coffee in cherry form to intermediary buyers - known colloquially as coyotes. Bella Vista has established relationships with two specific buyers that have agreed to source ripe, high quality cherries at higher prices and mostly from the town of San José Poaquil. Through this network, Bella Vista is able to access a large volume of coffee from Chimaltenango and ensure their consistency year after year. 

We’ve been purchasing Los Santos for use in our various blends now for four consecutive harvests. 

1000 Faces paid Beneficio Bella Vista, inclusive of all services up to the point of export, $3.00. An additional $.47/lb was paid to Ally Coffee for importing logistics and warehousing in US. 

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Region: San José Poaquil, Chimaltenango

Producer: Various smallholders

Altitude: 1500 - 1900 MASL

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Process: Washed