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Burundi Bright roasted by Ébrīk

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Burundi Bright: Medium Roast

This prized Burundi micro-lot is some of the last available in North America and made exclusively for Finca to Filter. Grown alongside a variety of tropical fruits like guava, plum, and orange, you can expect rich and bright flavors of grapefruit, caramel, and cocoa. Just like other African coffees, Burundi single-origins offer coffee lovers and aficionados new experiences in their tasting journeys. They also give us the opportunity to participate in meaningful economic relationships and development initiatives, changing lives on the ground for the better. 

Origin & Sourcing

This coffee grows among the wide, rolling hills of Ngozi Province, Burundi -- a nation of smallholders bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. With over 70% of its population employed in agricultural occupations and a third of its GDP coming from agriculture, Burundi is locally-rooted and predominantly rural, yet gaining global recognition in the 21st century for some of the world's finest quality speciality coffees. 


Situated just below the equator, Burundi is blessed with ample rainfall while its elevation results in a mild climate year-round. We trace our beans to farmers growing Bourbon and Jackson Bourbon varieties at 1500 MASL. Mutumba Washing Station receives, sorts and depulps their coffee cherries the same day as they are harvested, fermenting them underwater for 18-24 hours before washing them for another two hours. The beans spend the next 20 days on drying tables before they are reading for dry milling, bagging and export. See here for more about the Mutumba Washing Station.