Roasting Partners


1000 Faces Coffee Co. | Athens, GA

The mission of 1000 Faces Coffee is to help bridge the gap between the coffee consumer and the coffee producer.  Our green buying philosophy centers on direct relationships, respect for geographic origin, and an ecological awareness. Whether working directly with coffee producers, exporters, or importers, we always seek partners who share our dedication to transparency and egalitarianism. We aim to add value down our supply stream by establishing open lines of communication, investing in long-term commitments, and continually seeking ways to support coffee producers as they grow.

Ébrīk | Atlanta, GA

Echoing the spirit of the original Mediterranean café, Ébrīk was founded in 2014 by family and friends wanting to bring a welcoming and inclusive coffee shop to the heart of downtown Atlanta, where folks needed a place to unwind and reconnect after the daily hustle. Whether small-batch specialty coffee or book talks and open-mics, three simple principles define the Ébrīk experience: "Community - Comfort - Culture.” For seven years, Ébrīk invited their guests to ‘come together, reconnect, and recharge' at their three coffee houses, in Decatur, Downtown, and on the campus. Like many, the global pandemic has caused them to reflect and reevaluate, ultimately leading them to the hard decision: close two locations and shift focus to roasting and building an online community. As their storefront grows increasingly virtual, so does their advocacy and community building.  From pioneering and committing to a social solidarity supply chain pledge to publishing on coffees complex relationship to gentrification, Ébrīk, and its’ leadership, is proactively acting to create conversation around their craft. You can explore Ébrīks’ current coffee offerings and revisit their dialogues and articles online, or grab a coffee at their Emory location located in Michael C. Carlos Museum. 

Firelight Coffee Roasters | Atlanta, GA 

Firelight Coffee was started in 2014 by two friends who shared a passion for great coffee. What began as a simple and economical way to have fresh coffee on hand quickly turned into a full scale business with growth plans.  A genuine love for coffee and community, co-founders Ryan and Todd set to make specialty coffee approachable. With couches more comfortable than those in your own living room and friendlier than friendly baristas, Firelight welcomes any curious mind to share a cup and conversation. 

Firelight moved into their current headquarters in West Midtown where they operate a tasting room and roast coffee. - The vision from the start has been to grow a business that does good in every part of the supply chain and create partnerships with cafes and business that have the same values. 

Radio Roasters | Avondale, GA  

Radio Roasters was the first roaster to Roaster to join the Finca to Filter Family with the inaugural Feelin' Festive Holiday Blend. With a well-curated coffee selection, delectable specialty drinks menu and robust use of "I wish I would have thought of it first"broadcasting puns, Radio Roasters is an Avondale, Georgia staple. If you haven't visited their shop (which you totally should), you've likely enjoyed their coffees at various cafes around ATL such as Con Leche, Brother Moto and Cafe + Velo. With a tagline like Craftfully roasted specialty coffee, Radio takes a quality first approach, letting their craft speak for them.