Firelight Roasters

Firelight Coffee was started in 2014 by two friends who shared a passion for great coffee. What began as a simple and economical way to have fresh coffee on hand quickly turned into a full scale business with growth plans.  A genuine love for coffee and community, co-founders Ryan and Todd set to make specialty coffee approachable. With couches more comfortable than those in your own living room and friendlier than friendly baristas, Firelight welcomes any curious mind to share a cup and conversation. 

Firelight moved into their current headquarters in West Midtown where they operate a tasting room and roast coffee. - The vision from the start has been to grow a business that does good in every part of the supply chain and create partnerships with cafes and business that have the same values.

Firelight is driven by an ethos of: 
Quality: providing the absolute best coffee possible to our customers and partners,
Accessibility: presenting coffee in a way that includes everyone and pricing that is attainable, and
Integrity: telling the truth and offering a fair, ethical and sustainable product that is a net good for the planet and those that buy it.