Equity in Specialty Coffee


We acknowledge that the realities of white supremacy, hetero/cis-normativity, and patriarchy, work in tandem to oppress both people and planet. Choosing equity as a core value demands a fervent commitment to being anti-racist, actively listening, proactively engaging, and to diverse partnership. 

Finca to Filter intends to be a superior model of transparency in pricing, equity in relationships and inclusion in the coffee sector.  We define equity in relationships as:

  • Paying dignified, sustainable wages for a job well done 
  • Promoting higher wages to producers
  • Promoting diverse participation in the Finca to Filter supply chain 
  • Prioritize hiring/contracting/partnering locally and diversely 
  • Building authentic relationships with Black and NBPOC leaders and professionals in Atlanta 
  • Combating white supremacy in the organization as it emerges  

As a partnership model, we can directly control who and how we staff, consult and partner, lead by example, and learn from the array of partners that make up our collective. 

With the goal of intentional equity we will continually reflect on what it means to nurture our emerging organizational racial equity identity, specifically

  • How we talk about our mission, vision, and values;
  • How racial equity informs our organizational strategies;
  • Who we partner with;
  • And how we resource the work (and don’t)

“Seek intentional learning, not perfection: Change does not happen through a linear, discrete process of moving from “not knowing” to “knowing.” Instead, periods of deep and intentional inquiry will lead to breakthroughs of discovery... that set the stage for deeper inquiry and further discovery and so on. Mistakes and failures will occur along the way. But if we are intentional – about learning and growing, being accountable to each other for the impact of our actions and staying in relationship – we can make progress in our change efforts.” 

Editorial note: these values are iterative and always changing.